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Basic features for up to 40 users.

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Basic features for up to 40 users.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I import my contact list into GoBlast?
You can import your contact list into GoBlast either directly from your phone's contact list or by uploading an Excel file containing the contact details. The app will then use this list for placing calls and sending messages.
Can I customize the message to be played when the call is connected?
Yes, GoBlast allows you to customize the message that will be played when the call is connected. You can choose between text-to-speech or upload an audio file with the desired message.
What is a response code, and how can I use it?
A response code is a feature that enables you to collect feedback or categorize responses from the recipients. For example, you can assign a code like "1" for "Interested," "2" for "Not Interested," and so on. When the recipient responds by pressing a specific number, GoBlast will mark the call disposition accordingly.
Can I view a report of the communication status and dispositions?
Yes, GoBlast provides a report feature where you can view the status of your communications and the responses received from your contacts. The report will display information such as call duration, message delivery status, and any response codes received.
Is there a limit to the number of contacts I can upload and message?
GoBlast does not have a set limit for the number of contacts you can upload and message. However, please keep in mind that the performance may vary based on the number of contacts and your device's capabilities.
Is the app suitable for business or personal use?
GoBlast is versatile and can be used for both business and personal purposes. It allows you to efficiently communicate with a list of contacts, making it useful for various applications, such as event invitations, customer outreach, or personal announcements.
Can I schedule messages or calls for a later time?
Currently, GoBlast does not support scheduling messages or calls for a specific time in the future. All communications are initiated immediately after you select the contacts and set the message.
Is GoBlast available on multiple platforms?
As of now, GoBlast is available for specific platforms. Please check the app's download page or store listing to determine its availability for your device's operating system.
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